Pediatric Dental Care
Before General Anesthesia

Prior to your dental surgery you will have the opportunity to address any concerns you might have during your pre-operative appointment. We encourage you to ask questions and make us aware of any fears you might have. Our main goal is to create a secure, comfortable environment for our patients on the day of surgery so the more you communicate with us, the easier we can accommodate your needs. The following guidelines are meant to serve as reminders in helping you prepare for your dental surgery. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our practice.

Leading Up to the Day of Hospital Dental Treatment

  • Fasting must begin at midnight the night before surgery for patients with a morning appointment.  If your child has an afternoon appointment, do not allow them to eat anything 8 hours prior to scheduled dental surgery.
  • While fasting, the patient may only drink clear fluids (Ex: water, apple juice, black coffee, and sports drinks).  Beverages that are not allowed to be consumed are alcohol, orange juice, milk, creamer, and other opaque drinks.  Patients should avoid drinking all fluids within 6 hours of their surgery.  If you are unsure about what can and cannot be consumed, please ask during your child's pre-op appointment.

Day of Surgery

  • All patients are required to have their parent or legal guardian present at the hospital during treatment.
  • Skip brushing on the day of hospital dental treatment. 
  • Follow the guidelines regarding what and when your child can eat and drink.
  • Remove any toenail polish from your child's big toes.
  • You can bring your child to the hospital in their jammies as long as they are not the kind with the feet. We need to be able to place our monitors on your child's big toe so their feet have to be accessible. Please bring an extra set of loose comfortable clothes.
  • After surgery, your child will be placed in a recovery area until they are ready to be discharged from the hospital.

If your child is sick on the day of surgery, please contact our office immediately at 270-715-5437 A cold or fever with chest and sinus congestion may dangerously affect surgery so it is imperative that our practice is made aware of the situation. If it is necessary to reschedule your appointment, we will notify you.