Past Events

Previous SKY Pediatric Dentistry

Outreach Events!

    2017 Events and Outreach

      Special Needs Expo

      KYROCK Elementary

      SOKY Ice Rink

      Lost River Cave-Scarecrow Trail

      Buddy Walk

      Kids of the Block

      International Festival

      Kidz Club

      Stand For Children's Day

      Car Seat Safety Matters

      Camp TJ

      2017 Back to School Bashes

      January 2016

      • 29th- Grannie's II Daycare

                     Peanut House

      February 2016

      • 3rd- Sunshine House

                   Holy Spirit Daycare

      • 4th- Holy Trinity Pre-School

                     Kids World 2

        • Holy Spirit Daycare
        • 11th-Plano Elementary School
        • 18th-La Petite Academy

                      South Edmonson Elementary

        • 25th-Smart Start Daycare

                      Richmond Health Fair

                      Smart Start Daycare

        March 2016

        • 3rd- Foundation Christian Academy
        • 4th- First Baptist Daycare

        August 2015

        • 22nd- MUD Happens at Phil Moore Park

        July 2015

        • 28th- Readi-Fest at Dishmann-McGinnis

        June 2015

        • 12th- Russell Sims Aquatic Center Day
        • 13th- Bowling Green Kids Fest at Chaney's Dairy Barn 
        • 18th- Stand for Kids Day at Bowling Green Ballpark 
        • 26th- KONA Ice Truck at SKY Pediatric Dentistry 12:00pm-2:00pm

        May 2015

        • 8th- Autism Training
        • 21st- Parker Bennett Curry

        April 2015

        • 6th- Buddy House
        • 15th- Warren Elementary
        • 19th- Expectant Parent Fair

        March 2015

        • 5th- Franklin Elementary
        • 19th- Sunshine House

                      Bowling Green Christian Academy

        • 31st- Warren Elementary

                     Holy Spirit

                     First Baptist Pre-School

                     Potter Gray Elementary

        February 2015

        • 6th- Rockfield Elementary

                     Plano Elementary

                     Chandler Park Day of Caring

        • 11th- Bowling Green Christian Academy

                       Granny's Too

                       Kids World 2

        • 19th- Sunshine House

                       Bowling Green Christian Academy

                       Little Scholars Daycare

                       Holy Spirit Parkside Early Learning Center

                       South Edmonson Elementary

        • 25th- Holy Trinity

                       Ashley's Angels

        • 26th- Richpond Elementary

        January 2015

        • 8th- Smart Start Daycare After School
        • 12th- Rockfield Elementary After School
        • 13th- Foundation Christian Academy

        December 2014

        • 15th- Bristow Elementary School After School Program
        • 17th- Smart Start Daycare

        November 2014

        • 11th- Rockfield Elementary School After School Program
        • 18th- Warren Elementary School After School Program

        October 2014

        • 13th- Barren County Head Start (Cave city)

                       Learning Tree (Cave city)

                       Barren County Head Start (Glasgow)

        • 14th- Parker Bennett
        • 21st- Barren County Children's Choice

                      Barren County Kids Daycare

                      Barren County Learning Ladder

                      Barren County YMCA after school at South Green Elementary

        • 27th- Allen County Sharon's Childcare

                       Allen County Learning Center

                       Allen County Shirley's Childcare

        • 30th- Holly Tree Day Care

                       Logan County Head Start

                       Crittendon Dr. Daycare

        September 2014

        • 20th- Food Allergy Awareness Walk at Preston Miller Park
        •  28th- Expectant Parent Fair at WKU Building on Medical Center Campus

        August 2014

        •  1st- Potter Gray Screening for Pre-Kindergarten and New to School Students
        • 8th- Glasgow Middle School Readifest
        • 12th- Spanish day at SKY Pediatric Dentistry 12:00-4:00

        July 2014

        • Darkness to Light Partner in Prevention distinction 2014-2015


                       Mundfordville Readifest

                       Highland Readifest

                       ASL Day at SKY Pediatric Dentistry 12:00-3:00


        SKY Pediatric Dentistry enjoyed partnering with a local ASL interpreter during                                                                                                                      the American Sign Language Day in the office! All of our patients enjoyed learning                                                                                                              basic signs during their visit.

        • 31st- Potter Gray Screening for Pre-Kindergarten and New to School students

        June 2014

        • Special Needs Booth at Kummer-Little Rec. Center
        • Granny's Too Daycare
        • Farmer's Market Booth
        • Kelly Autism Summer Camp tour/presentation at SKY
        • Russel Sims Aquatic Day


               SKY Pediatric Dentistry handed out free passes for the first 100 kids and parents for a day!

        • Stand for Children

        May 2014

        • Parker Bennett Curry- Oral Hygiene Class

        April 2014

        • Briarwood Elementary
        • Hispanic Health Fair with Colgate Van at St. Joseph Church


              Thank you to our friends at Colgate for sending your awesome Dental Screening Bus down from                                                                                         Chicago for the Hispanic Health Fair at St. Joe's. The kids had a blast on-board and we really enjoyed                                                                                helping kids the dental care they need!

        • ASL tutorial for SKY Staff by WKU American Sign Language Organization


               Thank you to the American Sign Language Organization at WKU for the great training today on signs for a dental office!

        • Health Fair at Cumberland Trace Elementary

        March 2014

        • Darkness to Light Training
        • Pre-Dental talk to WKU Pre-Dental students
        • Amigos Resource Network Meeting


               Thank you to the Amigos Resource Network for holding your monthly meeting at SKY Pediatric Dentistry!

        February 2014

        • St. Josephs Church
        • Parent's Day Out
        • Little Scholars
        • Building Blocks
        • Bowling Green Christian Academy
        • Kids World 2


               Thanks to Kids World 2 for allowing us to show cavity fighter Kendell that sugar bugs are no fun!

        • Warren County Library
        • Old Union School
        • Faith Baptist School
        • Greentree
        • Mother's Day Out
        • Franklin Baptist Nursery
        • Providence Mennonite
        • First Baptist Nursery
        • Holy Trinity Lutheran School
        • Simpson Elementary


               Thank you Simpson Elementary for welcoming our cavity-fighting team into your school!

        • Franklin Mennonite
        • Bright Beginning
        • Nana Sue's
        • Christ Methodist
        • South Edmondson Elementary


               The children at South Edmondson Elementary enjoyed taking part in the cavity fight vs. cavity bugs skit!

        • Academy for Little People
        • Ashley's Angels
        • Potter Gray Elementary after school program
        • Health Fair at Richpond Elementary


              Roscoe and Liz got kids excited about brushing their teeth at the Richpond Health Fair.

        January 2014

        • Potter Children's Home
        • Sunshine House
        • The Creative Learning Center


               Our Children's Dental Health Month program starred a Tooth Checker, Tooth, Princess Toothbrush and Sugar Bug Mamma.

        • Granny's Childcare
        • LaPetite Academy
        • Peanut House Preschool


              The SKY Team started our Children's Dental Health Month Celebration at the                                                                                                             Peanut House Preschool in Bowling Green. Many thanks to the teachers and                                                                                                                       staff and especially to Sandra Bratton for donning the Tooth Suit!

        December 2013

        • Dentistry After Dark

        November 2013

        • Edmonson County 5th and 6th grade- Oral Hygiene Class

        October 2013

        • Stevenson Elementary- Oral Hygiene Class

        September 2013

        • Buddy Walk


             Way to go team Cameron! Congratulations on a great Buddy Walk 2013!